Food Packaging Lines and Pasta Processing Equipment

"I would particularly like to acknowledge the skills of your site supervisor Armando Giacomini, whose knowledge and dedication proved to be the key to the positive outcome of the project. I wish such commitment were more commonplace in our industry."

Chris Getsfred, Plant Manager
New World Pasta, St. Louis, MO

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Baking Products

BDM is an ideal partner in the industrial dry-pasta manufacturing business. We supply processing equipment, engineering support and technical services.

Baking Products Baking Products

The Beltmix® and Bakmix® mixing systems can create all types of dough required to produce a varied range of pasta shapes. The Beltmix® mixing system, thanks to its pairing with the Premix® pre-mixing unit and slow-moving conveyor belt for the dough rest period, marks a significant technological innovation for dried, fresh, egg and special ingredient (spinach, tomato, etc.) pasta. The Bakmix® system, the most innovative continuous dough mixer, combines the Premix® with an innovative system of rapid kneading rollers. It is particularly suited to kneading mixed soft wheat and semolina-based doughs

Lines for regional pasta: We have designed production lines created to optimize product quality, making use of specific technologies during the mixing and kneading phase on the basis of the type of shaping unit involved. In fact, the dough must be worked to varying levels and, using our BELTMIX® or BAKMIX® kneading units, we are able to provide dough that has been worked just to the right degree.