Food Packaging Lines and Pasta Processing Equipment

"I would particularly like to acknowledge the skills of your site supervisor Armando Giacomini, whose knowledge and dedication proved to be the key to the positive outcome of the project. I wish such commitment were more commonplace in our industry."

Chris Getsfred, Plant Manager
New World Pasta, St. Louis, MO

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Dry Pasta

Short cut pasta line Long cut pasta
Special Shaped Pasta: tray-line
Cous Cous Line
Bow-tie Type Pasta Predrying and drying for small short-cut pasta

Easy Omnia: A line for the production of dried short cut and long cut pasta. Read more

Omnia: A Line for the production of dried short-cut, long-cut and special pasta. Read more

Premix: A Universal Mixing Unit.

The centrifugal premixer “Premix” can be used also on pasta lines with a high production capacity. Its main features are:

  • compact dimensions and easy to use
  • easy to access and clean
  • uniform flour hydration
  • no heating of the product
  • low energy consumption
  • high production capacity
  • it can be installed on all existing presses or mixers

With a perfectly uniform hydration, Premix can be installed on all presses and mixers, even the total vacuum ones, to replace existing feeding systems. It can be equipped with high precision feeders for water, flour, powder or liquid additives and eggs which, by means of a very specific management software program, allow complete automatic control of feeding according to recipes, which is extremely simple and flexible.

Lab tests have proved that Premix can even be used in sectors other than that of Pasta (cakes and pastries, etc). Read more

Nested Pasta and Lasagne: Line for the production of nested pasta and/or lasagna. Read more

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